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Morelia, Michoacan state capital, is a beautiful city built during the colonial era

Morelia, Michoacan state capital, is a beautiful city built during the colonial era. It is located in the north of the state, 303 km from Mexico City. Its climate is temperate subhumid with summer rains and an average annual temperature of 20 ° C.

This City offers an atmosphere of cordiality and fraternity that is manifested through the rich and elegant architectural heritage of its historic center, recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and which include colonial-style monuments such as the National Palace or the Cathedral, pink stone and baroque board, as well as for its outstanding cultural events, such as the International Film Festival and International Music Festival.

Its particular geographical location makes the city a point of reference to undertake excursions to nature reserves required as the monarch butterfly sanctuary or National Park José María Morelos.

Morelia is also the convergence center where indigenous traditions of the Tarascan, which survive in their costumes and handicrafts, as well as the remains of archaeological sites as Ihuatzio and Tzintzuntzan michoacana witness history. If you visit Morelia, be sure to try the corundas and development of traditional Purépecha uchepos or enchiladas Morelia pleasures and bind that will delight your palate. Do not wait any longer, Morelia will welcome you with joy, tradition and colorful

To know the greatness of the Tarascan Empire, which flourished during the Late Postclassic (1200-1521 AD), it is essential to approach the remains of their cities and ceremonial centers. Archaeological sites and Ihuatzio Tzintzuntzan are located approximately 17 km from the city of Patzcuaro and Morelia a distance to be run in 30 or 40 minutes.

Ihuatzio was the main area of civil-military during S. Tarasco XII, and one of the three cities that are divided his empire.

Five Tzintzuntzan pyramids seated on a raised rectangular platform on Lake Patzcuaro, hosted a major government center purépecha controlled a large territory in its heyday 800 years ago


The art of manual creation in Morelia, is part of the historical heritage of the region. The man, family workshops, and materials provided by nature, are three elements that make his unique craft. Some of the pieces that are part of their tradition, pottery, jars, plates and punch bowls decorated with beautiful drawings, wood carving as masks, saints, births, among others, the work of lacquer or shellac, with fibers vegetables, embroidery and more ..

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