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Monterrey, the "Sultana del Norte" is located in the northern region

Monterrey, the "Sultana del Norte" is located in the northern region,
729 miles from Guadalajara and 933 km north of Mexico City. Its
climate is warm with an average temperature of 23 ° C, although during the
summer can reach up to 45 ° C.

Capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, one of three cities
in the country thanks to its thriving commercial activity;
industrial, the city offers many tourist attractions
as its architecture which combines the colonial and modernist styles
beautiful buildings like the Bishop's Palace and the Museum of Art
Contemporary, resulting in an interesting contrast. Around her
Macroplaza, the heart of Monterrey, you can admire stunning
civil and religious buildings and interesting museums to visit
staying in the valuable collections, testimony of the four
centuries of its history.

Guests will admire the beautiful scenery as
National Park, Horsetail Falls National Park and Summits
Monterrey, one of the largest in the country, consisting of the Park
Ecological Chipinque, Huasteco Canyon and the Cerro de la Silla, places
ideal for camping enthusiasts, eco-tourism

Due to its industrial character and its proximity to the border with
United States, the city of Monterrey is also the best place to
in its modern shopping malls, but not before
stop at any traditional restaurants to savor
"Roast lamb, one of the dishes distinctive cuisine
Nuevo Leon.

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