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yobán ,yucatan

Yobaín, Yucatán

means lizard or above, as the result of the voices Yokol, above and Ain OAyin, lizard, crocodile, alligator.
This municipality is located in the coastal region known as upstate. It is understoodbetween the parallels 21 º 12 'and 21 º north latitude 22'de and meridians 89 º 69'and 89 ° 64 'west longitude, has an average height of 4 meters above sea level.

Yobaín Township (in the State of Yucatan). It has 1768 inhabitants. Yobaín is 4meters.

Yobaín is one of the 106 municipalities that make up the Mexican state of Yucatan. It is located north of the state. It has a land area of ​​81.75 km ². According to the II Population and Housing 2005, the municipality has 2,371 inhabitants, of whom1,223 are men and 1,148 are women.3 His name is interpreted as "lizard on or above", as the result of Maya voices yokol, above and Ain, lizard.

Yobaín is located north of the state between the geographical coordinates 21 º 12 'and 21 º 22' north latitude and 89 º 69 'and 89 ° 64' west longitude, at an average height of 4 meters above sea level.

The municipality is bordered on the north by the Gulf of Mexico, south to Cansahcab, east and west Dzidzantún Sinanché.

http://mx.clima.yahoo.com/m% C3% A9xico/yucatan/yoba% C3% ADn-151407 /

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