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nochistlan de mejia , minicipality of zacatecas

Nochistlán de Mejía, Zacatecas

Noch-tlan: Noch (tli) Place of tunas, Noch-ez-tlan: Noch (tli)-ez-tli)-Tlan: Location Grana. Nochistlán: Place of tunas or scarlet. As regards the extension of the name with the surname Mejia is in relation to the recognition of hero who is made to Colonel J. Jesus Mejia supporter of this place in the attack made by the French on May 13, 1864.

The Municipality of Nochistlán Mejia is located between 21 º north and longitude 22'de 102 º 51 'west longitude Greenwuich Meridian has an area of ​​876 km2 and is located at an altitude of 1830 meters above sea level. It is located 150 km from the city of Guadalajara, 120 kilometers from the city of Aguascalientes and 220 km from the city of Zacatecas.

Mejia Nochistlán Township (in the state of Zacatecas). It has 15,322 inhabitants.Nochistlán Mejia is 1850 meters above sea level.

Very beautiful places that are very important history and sacred to Caxcanes.

Nochistlán Saw: The summit almost the entire region and there are beautiful landscapes and species for big game.

The sump Canyon: From great view, climate and semi-tropical vegetation.

Jump Toyahua: Beautiful water fall of about 60 m.

Dam of God was given this name because it is a natural prey.

Mount Tuiche: Another important piece of this magical town is undoubtedly the Tuiche, sacred to the brave tribe caxcana that over the years become well known for its legends, its history showing paintings.

Cerro de San Miguel: Imposing and majestic hill known as "The Peñol" proudly adorning the northern peripheral view of our people, considered sacred by the Caxcanes by its height and taper and they named cash, meaning "in the most top of megote ". In this place the Caxcanes beat the June 24, 1539 to the Spanish and indigenous lucotes commanded by Don Pedro de Alvarado.

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Plaza de Nochistlan

R. El Molino


calles que caminaron mis abuelos (las animas)

cascada de frente

arcos acueducto nochistlan zacatecas


Cerro de San Miguel o Peñol

Otra Toma Del Jardin En Nochistlán

Templo de San Sebastián

Monumento a la Paleta en Mexticacán, Jalisco , México

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rumbo a mexty

Escuela en Las Huertas Nochistlan


Temprano Septiembre en Mexticacán Jalisco

panorama de mexty



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