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ocosingo chiapas

Ocosingo, Chiapas

Ocosingo is a town in southeastern Mexico, belonging to the State of Chiapas.
Ocosingo is a Nahuatl word meaning "Place of the black lord" and Okosinko Tzeltallanguage meaning "place of pine."

The most important celebrations of the municipality are: The Feast of LaCandelaria, on February 2nd Day and Feast of San Jacinto patron of the city, on the 17th of August.

Located on East Mountain, so most of its territory is mountainous. Its geographical coordinates are 16 ° 54 'N and 92 º 06' W. Its altitude is 900 m.

archaeological zone of Tonina

Tzetzal Tonina means "House of Stone" or "The place where stone sculptures standin honor of the time." The sacred space is a huge artificial mountain built on a smallnatural range of clay in the north Valley Ocosingo, it was lined with seven huge stone platforms on which they built temples and palaces forming a monumental maze ofover 70 meters height. Around the great acropolis and were distributed throughout the valley areas and growing room.

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Tonina hill

Cielo y nubes


Viatjant per Chiapas, camí d'Ocosingo.

ruinas de tonina

Cercas en Ocosingo, Chiapas, México.


cerros rumbo a Palenque

Ruinas de Toniná.

Chiapas MXC 199

Chiapas MXC 199


panorama Tonina

Ruines de Tonina

Toniná, Chiapas, diciembre 1993

Région du Chiapas



Toninà Ruins


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