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chalchihuitan, chiapas

chalchihuitán, Chiapas

Chalchihuitán name in Nahuatl means "Place where chalchihuite abound."

Located in the Northern Mountains, so that its terrain is mountainous, its geographical coordinates are 16 ° 58 'N and 92 º 39' W, at an altitude of 1.450 m

Chalchihuitán Township (in the State of Chiapas). It has 1568 inhabitants.Chalchihuitán is at 1400 meters altitude.

Chalchihuitán name in Nahuatl means "Place where an abundance of emeralds."This municipality is bordered on the north by the municipality of Simojovel, east andChenalhó Pantelho, South with Chenalhó and Aldama, west with James the Pinarand El Bosque.

It has an area of 74.50 km ² and the climate is predominantly semi-warm humid withsummer rains. The vegetation is pine-oak forest. Water resources is made up ofbasically the rivers San Cayetano, San Pablo and White

Chalchihuitán municipality of Chiapas in Mexico and the GPS coordinates:

Longitude (dec): -92.618889

Latitude (dec): 16.961111

The town is at a medium altitude of 1400 meters above sea level.

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