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tecpan center of zoque civilization

Tecpatán , Chiapas

In pre-Hispanic times  Tecpatán was  the Center of Zoque civilization, itsname means "place of flint" and comes from the Nahuatl tekpatl, flint, and tlan, a term denoting abundance. Zoques Ocahual appointed to his people, to express theconcept "warlike people."

It is located in the Northern Mountains, its geographical coordinates are 17 ° 08 'Nand 93 ° 19' W.

Tecpatán Township (in the State of Chiapas). It has 3870 inhabitants. Tecpatán is at 320 meters.

Tecpatán Township is one of the 118 municipalities in the Mexican state ofChiapas, located in the northwest of the state and much of its territory is occupied bythe reservoir of the dam "Nezahualcoyotl," otherwise known as Malpaso Dam. Its capital is the town of Tecpatán.

Tecpatán limited to the north by the state of Tabasco and Ostuacan Township, east of Francisco Leon, Copainala and Ocotepec, South with Berriozábal, Ocozocoautlaand Cintalapa, and west the state of Veracruz.

Tecpatán is a population of Zoque its foundation is uncertain but it is consideredthat it was prior to the conquest of the area by the Aztecs, one of the most important populations Ocahual zoques originally called and one of the last to resist theconquests outside both the Aztecs and the Chiapas; being conquered finally conquered by the Aztec general in times of tlatoani Tiltototl Ahuízotl, being from themoment it is known as Tecpatán.

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Río Tecpatán

Zacalapa (Miguel Hidalgo)

Benito Juarez, Copainala - HARH

cerro de Copainalá

Reseva "El Azufre"

Presidencia Muncipal

Rio De Copainala

Rio De Copainala


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