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Armeria and the Municipality of Tecoman.

Armería Colima

Township Armory is located geographically between latitudes 103 degrees 53 'to 104 ° 7' west longitude and 18 ° 1 'at 19 ° 7' north latitude of Greenwich, is located 55 kilometers from the state capital. The municipal seat lies at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level.

Bordered on the south by the Pacific Ocean to the west with the municipality of Manzanillo, on the north and the east Coquimatlán its natural boundary, the River Armeria and the Municipality of Tecoman.

In the area where the municipality is located, the weather is considered warm sub-humid with summer rains

Cuyutlán. Resort whose beaches have become a tradition in the state, having the distinction of being the open sea, and present a strong waves suitable for surfing.This site is also famous for its amazing "Green Wave" which is common during the spring and summer, here you can enjoy tasty dishes made with seafood and fish, a few miles from the center of town stands the "Turtle" , site dedicated to the preservation of sea turtles that breed in these beaches.
Paradise. Resort whose beaches are visited because there you can also surfing and windsurfing, is one of the main places frequented by the state and regional tourism, in addition, you can savor the delicious seafood offered in the typicalramadas.
Cuyutlán Lagoon. It is the most spectacular in the state, with a length of 50 km and a width of 3 km is also the place where you pump and salt production.
Estero Palo Verde.Es a peculiar set of mangrove stands in Colima, on the shores of Armory, right on the north bank of the river mouth, where there was a tribe called "Tecpa" where salt was produced until the century XVI.

Armory is located south of Colima state, bordering the Pacific Ocean along 15.3 km of coast, west to Manzanillo, on the north and east Coquimatlán its natural boundary, the river and Tecomán Armory. Located between the geographical coordinates of 103 ° 53 'to 104 ° 7' west longitude and 18 ° 1 'at 19 ° 7' north of Meridian.

It has 14,091 inhabitants. City Armory is 40 meters.

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Quiosco, Tecoman Col.

Playa, Solitaria


Lagoon- Lillies

Laguna de Cuyutlan

Ferrocarril Manzanillo-Guadalajara

Manglar cuyutlan

Árbol de la Vida

Cof de Juarez

contacto del sol

Cuyutlan: Tortugario / Schildkroeten-Station / turtle station

Oceano Pacifico, Boca Pascuales

Pajaritos, Playa Boca Pascuales, Col.

Laguna de cuyutlan 2

Rio Armeria

Carretera a Cuyutlán

Sombrillas recogidas

Cuyutlan: Tortugario / turtle station (panorama)


Cuyutlan: Laguna 'Palo Verde' / Lagune / lagoon (panorama)

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