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Acala Chiapas

Acala is one of the 118 municipalities in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is the center of the state, has an area of ​​295.6 km ². His name is interpreted as a Site of canoes. According to the II Population and Housing 2005, the municipality has 26.003 inhabitants and is principally engaged in the primary sector.

The climate is humid predonimante, 4 the average annual temperature is 26.2 °, the rainfall is recorded in the months from May to October is 100 mm.

the town of Acala is located in the municipality of Acala (in the State of Chiapas). It has 12,686 inhabitants. Acala is 420 meters.

It means "Canoe Place". This municipality is located in the Central Depression of Chiapas. It has an area of ​​295.6 km2.

Bordered to the north with the municipalities of Zinacantan and Chiapa de Corzo, in the northeast with San Lucas and Chiapilla; the Southeast with Carranza and the west Totolapa and Chiapa de Corzo.

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Villa de Acala

Early on people buy flowers that will adorn the altars: the red silk flower, the white nangaña, gannets and yellow flower nulibé than elsewhere known as marigold.

Should not miss the sails and the candles, the incense of styrax or sweet pumpkin with brown sugar, a major part of the food offered to those who left never to return, to return only in these holy days of All Saints and All Souls.
According to tradition, the October 31 girls reach souls and day 1 for great souls.
In the market of this town, as in most of the rest of Chiapas, sold the little souls, refined sugar candy in the form of animals that, by tradition, are given away to the spirit of the little wastage.
Also skulls were bought, sweet miniature coffins, with a thread to lift her head to the calaquita that there rests, and a colored bread shaped face or foot are arranged on the altar accompanied by a bowl of or chocolate atole.
From the night of 31 out to the people of kids dressed gang of skulls, monkeys and other horrors to ask for "zucchini aunt", shouting "long live the aunt" to give them sweets or coins and "die" to the few denied some of the accompanying Treats altars.

Villa de Acala


Acala villa is located 60 km from Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapa de Corzo way.
A 4 km northeast of the latter population, the free road to San Cristobal, at the junction that leads to the paved road municipality in Chiapas.


For travelers without a vehicle there are motor carrier services group located off Market May 5, in the east of the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, a block of Central Avenue and close to Jaime Sabines Cultural Center. Acala villa has gas station

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rio frio

Iglesia de Nuevo Vicente Guerrero, Chiapas (El Chichonal)

Acala Chiapas_Mercado_Municipal

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Parque central


Acala, Chiapas

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