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villa donato guerra estado de mexico

villa donato guerra estado de mexico

The current municipality of Donato Guerra, was part of the region Malacatepec, Mazahua settlement before 1474 and 1477 period when Mexican rule began in the area. Until 1604 its main town, village La Asuncion Donato Guerra Malacatepec now ceased to be the head of the congregation which gathered all the peoples of the region, have been authorized under the integration of two congregations, that of the Assumption and Malacatepec San Jose this last with the people of San José municipality forming Villa de Allende.
Historians and chroniclers agree in considering the Mazahuas, headed by its first and former warlord named tecutli Mazatlan, where we derive the word Mazahua, that in light of the Nahuatl language is defined as "people of deer, deer holders or deer hunters, "others say the Otomi nyampani call them," those who speak like deer "Efrain Cortes, refers to the arrival of the Mazahuas the Valley of Mexico was for the years 1168, this means that the settlement in Malacatepec territory was later

The churches of La Asuncion Donato Guerra in the village, that of San Martin Obispo, San Simon de la Laguna, San Francisco Mihualtepec, San Miguel and San Juan Xooltepec Xoconusco, are monuments of colonial heritage. The Church of the Assumption Catholic was the first building whose construction began in the years 1548-1550, to become the head of the religious congregation of Malacatepec, a region that included the people who today comprise the towns of Donato Guerra and Villa de Allende . The hulls of the former haciendas La Asunción and San Felipe Neri El Molino, bear witness of the church existing colonial buildings like the town center Donato Guerra, we appreciate them as historical monuments.

Municipality Donato Guerra Mexico Mexico State and is in the GPS coordinates:

Length (dec): -100.142222

Latitude (dec): 19.308333

The town lies at an average height of 2200 meters above sea level.

Donato Guerra is bounded on the north by St. Joseph Villa de Allende, to the southeast by Amanalco Becerra, south on Valle de Bravo, southeast of Ixtapan Gold and northwest by Michoacán.


To move to Malacatepec we recommend taking the federal highway 15 in Toluca-Zitácuaro section, at the height of Michael German Memorial at the junction that leads to Valle de Bravo. To the right are Hydro System facilities Cutzamala, do not ever pick up the camera for a picture, if you do have serious problems with the Army. Monument to the deviation that leads to Donato Guerra is 17.5 km and then 7 more to the center of the population.
Monarch Butterfly Reserve: A half hour from downtown, taking the road that leads to Zitácuaro west, you come to San Juan Xoconusco, hence the Capulin and Macheros, starting points to climb for an hour and a half to Cerro Pelon the monarch butterfly sanctuaries located at 3 000 m above sea level.

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