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Dainzú is an archaeological site of the Zapotec culture


Its name comes from the Zapotec words "danni" which means mountain or hill and "zu" Cactus, so Dainzú means "Cactus Hill". This area was explored in the year 1965 by archaeologist Ignacio Bernal, who found evidence of occupation in 750 a. C. d. 1.000 year C., the most interesting is the gallery of bas-reliefs in stone, representing ballplayers in violent activities, with pre-Hispanic costumes, as well as the likely presentation of the four Gods of Fire.

Dainzú is an archaeological site of the Zapotec culture, located in the eastern arm of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, 19 km south-east of the city of Oaxaca, capital of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. It is an ancient city of Monte Alban, whose contemporary was flourishing before the founding of the metropolis of Los Valles. It was founded around the seventh century C. and continued inhabited until the end of the Mesoamerican Preclassic period (third century AD). The first formal excavations were conducted by Ignacio Bernal.1 2

The archaeological
Dainzú Archaeological Zone

The architectural style of this site is important because of structures of unique features that distinguish it from others in the valley of Oaxaca, they reflect a high artistic quality as the lower platform of Building A, which were embodied a gallery of bas-reliefs represent ball players.

During his Dainzú urban community functioned as a second rank in terms of economic, political and religious. The main occupation corresponds to the transition period called II-IIIa, approximately 250 to 350 AD.

Dainzú recharged built on the hill, apparently for aesthetic reasons its original entrance was on the side of the river to the west end. Occupations had a long sequence from 600 BC to 1200 AD, although there is a possibility as shown by archaeological materials of the area has been occupied prior to Monte Alban, the splendor of Dainzú, was between 600 BC to 200 A.D. according to data from the scans.

The archaeological site is located Dainzú near a tributary of the Rio Salado, in the valley of Tlacolula, 4 although there are some terraces and petroglyphs drawn on rocks of a nearby hill

the town of Dainzu (Roadrunner) is located in the municipality of Santiago Matatlán (in the State of Oaxaca). It has 23 inhabitants. Dainzu (Roadrunner) is 1710 meters above sea level.

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