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puente de ixtla

puente de ixtla

Geographic coordinates: north 18 ° 43 'south 18 ° 27' east 99 ° 11 'west 99 ° 22'in length.

Puente de Ixtla , is named after an old masonry bridge built in the sixteenth centuryhad to pass where stagecoaches and mule trains carrying goods from China and the Naos of Ixtla word that comes from: ITZTLA, its etymological roots of ITZ, "obsidian" and TLA "abundance" and which means "place where obsidian is abundant."

The municipal seat is the parish of the Immaculate Conception on 8 Decemberthat dresses up.

Another puente Ixtla holiday is September 21 when we celebrate St. Matthew the Apostle. Just a few meters of this parish, is the newly discovered archaeological site of San Mateo.

The most important attraction is the lagoon Tequesquitengo with nearly three miles in diameter, there can be water-skiing and boating, plus it has recentlybegun building a tourist park around the gap that will contribute to significantly raise the level of infrastructure in the region turísitica southern state of Morelos. As a result, it will create a significant number of jobs directly and indirectly.

Likewise, spas Hacienda Vista Hermosa, La Rivera and the Foundry andTehuixtla inn Hotel, offers a refreshing atmosphere.

The climate is semi-dry winter and warm with ill-defined, more drought in the late fall, winter and early spring, recorded an average annual temperature of 25 ° Cand rainfall occurs in May and September.

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