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The archaeological site chalchihuites, zcatecas

chalchihuites, zcatecas

The archaeological site was constructed according to the location and
precise guidance from two hills, the first of Chapin
seven miles to the southeast, where two petroglyphs
circles, crosses similar to those found in Teotihuacan. since they
you can see an alignment of the sun on another hill in the
horizon, the Picacho Pelon, in turn aligned with the maze of
Altavista, a corridor bounded by mud walls and pilasters.
At the end of the corridor is the observatory, from which
be seen the first rays of the sun looming behind the apex of
hill. Each March 21, the place is visited by hundreds of people with
one desire: to receive the sun again after the death of winter.

Next to the maze is a set of rooms, a hall
and atrium, which is identified as the Palace of the Astronomers. another
of buildings is the Hall of Columns, consisting of a
rectangular chamber with 28 columns divided into four rows
parallel seven each, shapes and sizes. this place
is a timetable that is evident cycle equivalence
mole of 28 days.

The perfect orientation of the main civic square or to the four
referred cardinal possessed vast knowledge than these
respect indigenous astral and magnetic poles.

Location: It is located at 2.322 meters above sea level and physiologically in theSierra Madre Occidental and Central Plateau.

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