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Tlayacapan is one of the 33 municipalities in the state of Morelos,


Tlayacapan is one of the most traditional villages of Morelos, located north-east of the state, is distinguished by the crafts that are available there, the famous clay pots of four ears and other kitchen utensils, as well as the beautiful figuresranging from angels and cherubs to suns, moons and animal figures.

It is also considered the birthplace of Chinelo, as the earliest history of this dance are related Tlayacapan.

There are high immigration, mainly from the State of Guerrero, Oaxaca, Puebla and few other states.

90% of the population engaged in agriculture and the entire population of the district of Texcalpa is devoted to ceramics and pottery.

Tlayacapan is one of the 33 municipalities in the state of Morelos, adjacent to Tepoztlan, Tlalnepantla, Totolapan, Atlatlahuacan, Cuautla and Yautepec. The climate is warm sub-humid average annual temperature is 19 º C.

In Tlayacapan held many parties where dancing and running other traditions kept alive: the carnival is celebrated three days before Ash Wednesday, this is the beginning of Lent, the main attraction is the leap of chinelo, the first week of Lent Hispanic is celebrated with dances and fireworks between Thursday afternoon and on Sunday, the weeks have similar celebrations.
On 24 June, the feast of San Juan Bautista, patron of this population, with a Mass and evening hours with wind band.
The July 25 is celebrated in the chapel of the potters' quarter with pre-Hispanic dances. On October 7, carried out another party with bull lights, cookout and wind band. As in all of Mexico, 1 and November 2 is celebrated on the day of the dead. On December 11, just before the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Banda de Viento play Las Mañanitas and a serenade.

The pottery, pots, piggy banks, figurines, pots of all sizes, griddles, pots, pans and tableware glazed earthenware with colorful dyes, is what characterizes the people of Tlayacapan, as well as factory highest temperature ceramics. ·

The first inhabitants of this village is considered to have been the Olmec. They were then invaded by tribes who prospered Xochimilcas quickly thanks to a revolutionary agricultural invention: The chinampa, a kind of raft anchored boxes filled with reeds and flax of the lake where vegetables and flowers grew three times a year. The success of this invention, prompted Xochimilcas to spread across the mountain to control the fertile valley of Amilpas rich products such as cotton, corn, wood and paper. The conquest established its control center in Tlayacapan, destined by geography as from its high, dominates the fertile land look all hotv

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