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punta cometa, mazunte oaxaca

punta cometa, mazunte oaxaca

At the western end of Playa Mazunte forms a crescent or call Punta Cometaalso named the Sacred Hill.

Punta Cometa is the highest mountain ledge in the South Pacific Mexico. Its strategic location allows from this area you can see amazing sunrises and magnificent sunsets. It is an important site for migrating birds and marine species. Highlight the migration of whales from December to March, appreciate the passage of this species from Punta comet poses no risk to humans or whales. You can see migrating flocks of pelicans frolicking in fanciful shapes in the sky.

As outgoing edge is a shortcut on their way for all types of boats. You can seebig ships sail just 500 meters away. Something of importance in Punta Cometa is that border flows of international waters constantly recycled water from thebeaches of Mazunte
allowing these bays are never contaminated and present a variety of aquatic species.

Punta Cometa is now a green campus community with high biodiversity inmountain and cliff
marine. In pre-Hispanic times was a military enclave of the Aztecs, who built a small stone wall overlay. Locals call it the "stone corral." During the Spanishcolony was also a stronghold of pirates. Its strategic position allows to control the sea with 180 degree visibility. Local histories tell of the treasure of the Aztecs was hidden somewhere in Punta Cometa. Currently seeking communityresources to the appropriate authorities to repair the stone corral and ensure that kite tip of Mexican heritage

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