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Puerto Arista can do sport fishing,surfing, boating, four-wheel motorcycles, swimming,

Puerto arista chiapas

The 32 miles of beach to the open sea with high waves, palm trees, simple people and the distant peaks of the mountains, make this an attractive haven for rest from the bustle of city life.

Puerto Arista can do sport fishing, boating, four-wheel motorcycles, swimming, volleyball, plus it has a camping area. There are palapas, restaurants, walkways, hotels, pier, cafe and discos where you can enjoy a nice time with your family or friends.

Attractive tourist destination that has always been considered the main beach resort of the state. It is characterized by warmth and care of its people. Located 19 kilometers from the city of Tonala, one of the oldest towns full of history along the coast of Chiapas. As you go through the road completely paved and in good condition you can appreciate the magical landscape that provides the Pacific Coastal Plain.

It has an area approximately 40 kilometers of sandy beach, a lighthouse service, Hotels, Guest Houses, Cabanas, Pharmacy, ATM, grocery stores, phone booths, health center and other services. Nearby you'll find sites that combine beauty with tranquility, as "Bull's Head", a settlement on the banks of the creek "The Jewel Buenavista" in the traditional canoes glide over the foaming waves.

This site can be visited every day of the year, but is considered high season the Easter period in which they performed the traditional beauty contest, Miss Puerto Arista, where beautiful young women involved in the region.

Location, Puerto Arista is located 23 km southwest of Tonala. To get to take Highway No. 200 and turn right at km 4. From Here to Boca del Cielo, the distance is 19 km to the east.

The beaches of Puerto Arista and Boca del Cielo receive more visitors in high season, ie Easter, New Year and summer, but the influx of tourists is minimal so almost always the only company will be birds, sun, sand and sea. We recommend staying in Tonala Puerto Arista or, as in Boca del Cielo no hotels

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