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Huetamo is one of the 113 municipalities of the state of Michoacán de Ocampo,

huetamo michoacán

Huetamo, chichimeca source word which means "four heads". Others give the meaning of "come four" of the hue chichimeca tamu.

It is located southeast of the state, the coordinates 18 º 38 'north latitude and 100 º 54' west longitude at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. Bordered on the north and Tiquicheo Carácuaro, the east San Lucas, on the south by the State of Guerrero and west Churumuco and Turicato. Its distance to the state capital is 210 kms.

Huetamo is one of the 113 municipalities of the state of Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico. Located in the Tierra Caliente region. Its seat is the town of Huetamo Nunez is almost a state border of Guerrero, near the Balsas River which divides the two states.

According to the results of the Second Census of Population and Housing 2005, exercise for the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, the town of Huetamo until this year had a population of 41.239 inhabitants, of whom 19.839 were male and 21.400 were women.

It is a place characterized by the warmth of its people, the typical music of the region, in particular sounds and songs. Other distinctive features are its hills, which are part of nature and also contain a variety of legends and mystical matters. The language used by the inhabitants of Huetamo is sometimes confusing to those outside regionalism sarcastic tone used and that on several occasions given to the phrases. An example of such sarcasm or phrases used in both directions are dace, for which most are highly skilled huetamenses. With regard to regionalism can mention a few: Huacho (child), coated (pig), Pallas (there), anta (home of), Veda (truth), silken (lizard), camelina (Bougainvillea) car (a buzzword), kid (child), spicy (chili), express (grass), cool (nice), just to name a few

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