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boca de apiza located 35 km from the town of Tecoman , colima

This beach, located 35 km from the town of Tecoman, has a stretch of fine gray sand that extends to the north for several miles, the waves are moderate.

The beach has palapas and restaurants offering dishes made with fresh fish and seafood such as fish size and Moyos (deviled crab).

Parts of the beach are often covered with branches and logs that are washed out to seaby the river, the ocean waves, in turn, deposits them in the sand. This circumstance gives the look-out beach, away from human contact. However, the narrow strip of sandseparating the sea from the estuary is an excellent place to camp, while the mouth of the bar is the ideal place for fishing snapper.

Apiza mouth is located 35 km from the city of Tecoman, just 10 km from the town ofCerro de Ortega and 84 miles from Colima.

By land:

Leaving the city of Colima, take the highway no. 54 toward the coast. Then take thefederal highway. 200 to reach Tecomán.

By road from Mexico City to Colima is a distance of 748 km, which range in 9 hours.

By air:

Take a flight to the city of Colima from there take the highway no. 54 toward the coast.Then take the federal highway. 200 to reach Tecomán
Planta de Chile


Rio Coahuayana (limite natural entre Michoacan y Colima)

la hacienda

Paisaje en Coahuayana, Mich.

c de o

Lagunilla del Ticuiz


entrada del pueblo coahuayana

Plaza El Ticuiz

la mare.

San Telmo

Frente a Carniceria Panchita

Bienvenidos Al estado de michoacan

Plaza Principal de El Ranchito, Mpio. de Coahuayana, Mich

Entrada - El Ranchito

Boca de Apiza colima

IxiS CiberCafe

Central de camiones

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