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Petatlán is located 94 meters above sea level, west of Chilpancingo

Petatlan Guerrero Petatlán The word derives from the Nahuatl words and tlan Petatlan-backpack-together which means "Next to the mat." Petatlán is located 94 meters above sea level, west of Chilpancingo, is part of the Costa Granderegion and is located at coordinates 17 ° 18 'and 17 ° 57' north latitude and between 100101 ° 30 '° 53'y the meridian west of Greenwich. It borders the following municipalities: North Coyuca de Catalan, the south by the Pacific Ocean to the East Tecpan de Galeanaand West with the latter Azueta Zihuatanejo Tourism Destination shelterIxtapa-Zihuatanejo. A trip to the beautiful side of Petatlan is easily accomplished by taking a bus at the central bus station in downtown Zihuatanejo. It's cheap, only 12 pesosone way, and takes an hour or less in the countryside. That leaves out the bottom of themain square, a beautiful church which dominates the town. Surrounding the church and the surrounding streets are full of craft stalls gold and silver jewelry. People are, as always, very friendly and makes for a nice change of scene. You can lunch at one of the small cafes before taking the bus back to Zihua. Be sure to check the calendar. Petatlánis an important market for jewelry in front of its famous church. Artisans sell beautiful andcarved gold pieces 12, 14 and 18 Karat (24K request) at prices slightly below itsaverage retail value. Usually you can save from 10% to 15% in the cost of labor of the craftsman as designer acquires directly


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