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Navojoa is located in the southern state of Sonora


Navojoa is located in the southern state of Sonora, its seat the town ofNavojoa and is located at position 27 April 1951 N 109 26 43 W

There are two types of weather, one semi and the other semi, both are extremes witha maximum monthly average temperature of 32.7 ° C in June and July and a minimummonthly average temperature of 18.5 ° C in December and January, having aaverage annual temperature of 25.4 ° C.

Tehuelibampo: Agua Azul

Eco tourism Tehuelibampo.Sitio Museum Navojoa, recognized by NationalGeographic. Tehuelibampo Ecomuseum.

Tehuelibampo was a sacred place of our ancestors: around 3,000 years ago, leftproto groups reflected in the hardness of the rocks, the beautiful Glen Tehuelibampo, eighty-nine petroglyphs which reflect some of the most important wrapped materialand spiritual life.

Landscapes and development, we offer trips on the river bed in May, space for cycling, kayaking, hunting and fishing, and shares with us his saw huge rocks andcanyons to be scaled.

Is a town surrounded by farms and communities inhabited by people with a greatvocation hospital, the locals are offered as guides, we offer lodging and we reveal their typical crafts and customs.

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