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xcacel, solidarida, quintana roo

Xcacel, solidarity, quintana roo

It is a large bay lapped by turquoise waters. Xcacel is located 100 km south ofCancun, this place is of great ecological wealth and you can admire differentecosystem types in 362 hectares of forest where there are mangroves, cenotes andcoral reefs.

Xcacel is one of the few spots of green turtles, endangered species, which remain in the Atlantic.

Are also located in this area caves for scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal bluewaters, is an unforgettable experience. During the past 5 years the development of tourism in the area of ​​the Yucatan peninsula has led to the building of modern 5-starhotels along the coast.
Xcael beaches and Xcacelito is a privileged area where different types of ecosystemsfound in 362 acres of jungle and beaches where there are mangroves, cenotes andreefs

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