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Tlalpujahua is a pre-Hispanic people, whose roots in Nahuatl are "Tlalli. " Earth and"Poxohuac" spongy or mushy thing, for which translates as "spongy or mushy ground. " rich and beautiful mountain region. Luxury door Michoacán. Old mining center of great influence in wide region of central Mexico.

Cool and pleasant climate, cold in winter, heavy rainfall at the station and glorious sunshine all year round. Deep blue sky, black and white evening star. Temperaturesranging from 6.1 to 22.7 ° C, at a height of 2580 meters above sea level.
Tlalpujahua Architecture in the adobe, wood, quarry tile that are the foundation of buildings, built on a hill, which protrude gabled roofs, eaves and walls pronounced linewith ecological and climatic conditions the region. The houses seem well-off on slopes, trace due to the topography. It is said that tlalpujahuense architecture "is ajudicious combination of mountain and mining town with Valladolid and metropolitaninfluences. "

Among its architectural beauty is the parish of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the place, as the main altar painting is captured on an adobe wall, was all that was saved from a chapel erected in his honor in northern Tlapujahua when, in 1937, amudslide destroyed the building. People believed that the survival of the image was a miracle

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