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tenejapa, chiapas

Tenejapa, chiapas

Located on the edge of Central Highlands and Northern Mountains, where themountainous terrain in its entirety, its geographical coordinates are 16 ° 49 'N and 92 ° 30' W.
Its climate is temperate humid with abundant rainfall in summer.
The main tourist attractions are: the crafts of high quality textiles and gaps andBanabil Ococh.

The church of San Idefonso, the graceful decimónica source of the square and theruins of the church of San Sebastian as part of their cultural heritage. Another part ismade ​​up of deeply rooted traditions. Its Sunday market, for example, is one of themost spectacular of the region as well as their parties in Santiago and the carnival.Tenejapanecas women are incomparable weavers, their huipiles are true works of artwhose motives can be traced back to pre-Hispanic symbols.
From Tenejapa a third party road leads to San Juan Cancuc, other Tzeltal community,famous for being the origin of the rebellion of the veils in 1712. The old church of St.John the Evangelist holds a canvas that recalls the momentous event in the history ofChiapas.

Tenejapa municipality, Chiapas, juxalja is located 45 minutes from the municipal seat of Tenejapa, Chiapas, is a well organized community, so not much conflict arises, as in other communities in the same municipality, juxalja is a small valley find differentspecies, vegetation (flora and fauna) animals, among others.

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