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valle de bravo

Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo (Pameje in mazahua) is a Mexican population of the State of Mexico, located 156 km southwest of Mexico City. It is named for San Francisco del Valle and General Nicolas Bravo, defending Chapultepec Castle in the famous battle of "Young Heroes." Typical city was named in 1971 and people 2005.Este magical small town has a large dam which is already heavily polluted,
To reach Valle de Bravo, Mexico City, the most common route is to go to the west by the Paseo de la Reforma, taking the road to Toluca, and through the city before heading towards Temascaltepec, passing Xinantécatl side of the Nevado de Toluca, an extinct volcano and occasional snow, and then follow the prompts. Alternatively, from Toluca can take the road to Zitacuaro and then follow the prompts. Both routes of Toluca Valle de Bravo include dual-lane sections, particularly the path Temascaltepec presents some difficulty for the driver because the corners, the occasional fog and poor condition of roads in rainy season. There is also a shorter route in terms of miles, which few know, and take the exit to Zitácuaro but diverted to Amanalco.However, due to bad road conditions and excessive bends, is a very long way in time.
shines as one of the most popular destinations for vacationers, especially those who escape the bustle of the big city on weekends. Even Valle de Bravo, and Avándaro, contiguous urban development which is distinguished by its uniqueness, have a great business activity related to real estate as a large number of families owning residential opt to rent or sell their properties can not attend "weekend" as he usually did.

Framed by a large mountain, which contrasts with the immensity of the artificial lake where you can practice all kinds of water sports: skiing, sailing, kayaking and fishing, this magical town has a large tourist infrastructure that offers comfortable hotels,restaurants, an equestrian and beautiful golf courses. A stroll through the cobblestone streets take you to white stucco houses adorned with wrought iron balconies and red tile roofs and its plaza portals where you can enjoy delicious traditional snacks, the popular craft market, boutiques decoration, art galleries and the Parish of St. Francis, patron of the place, which is noteworthy for its original bell tower from the XVI century.
In its surroundings you will find beautiful nature reserves such as the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary where, from November to March, you will appreciate the wonderful spectacle of migration, the Natural Park or Reserve Bosencheve Monte Alto, ideal for all kinds of adventure sports, mountaineering, rock climbing, biking and camping, hang gliding and hang gliding and paragliding, extreme sports, in recent years have made this population mexiquense, a favorite destination for lovers of adrenaline.

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