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macuiltepec, xalapa

Macuiltepec: Macuiltepec or Mackuiltépec or Macuiltepetl is the name of a volcanoand ecological park, located in the center of the city of Xalapa, Mexico. Macuiltepetlmeans in Nahuatl "(the) fifth hill and closed five ', while alternative Macuiltepec(<makwil-tepe-k) is simply' on the hill five).

According to knowledgeable on the subject, it is right Macuiltepec, which refers to hill.The termination "tépetl"is correct for mountains.

The interpretation (apparently wrongly) as "five hills" led to the five hills that shows theseal of the city of Xalapa. However, levels of the late nineteenth century (such asManuel Rivera Cambas) has been shown that the hill had five cusps

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