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tapachula chiapas

Tapachula Chiapas

Tapachula is Mexican city of Chiapas. It is in the region Soconusco. Locatedon the southern coast of Chiapas, Motozintla bordered to the north, east toCacahoatán, Tuxtla Chico, Frontera Hidalgo and Suchiate, the Pacific Ocean to the south and west Huehuetán, Tuzantan and Mazatán.

In 2005 it had 282.420 inhabitants and a population density of 298.0 inhabitants perkm2 in a municipality with an area of 93.615 ha at an average altitude of 171msnm.La municipality's total population is 282.420 inhabitants representing 40.89 %of regional and 6.93% of the state, the 48.46% 51.54% were men and women.

It is the most populous city Soconusco with an economy based on farming, tourism, agriculture, communications and public finance. The city's economic engines are, however, its harbor, one of Mexico's largest and fastest growing in the world

Occupies part of the Sierra Madre and part of the Pacific coastal plains, presenting avaried relief. Its geographical coordinates are 14 ° 54 'N and 92 º 16' W.

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