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media luna.- san luis potosí

media luna san luis potosi

tourist site located in the municipality of Rio Verde San Luis Potosi, Mexico.Crescent's name is because the lake is shaped like a crescent. It is of great importance for tourism, archaeological and agricultural. Crescent is ideal swimming and diving, counting also has a large area for camping.

This place is considered the most important source of state from the standpoint of scientific, historical, and ecological tourism.

It is located in the ejido El Jabali, the municipality of Rio Verde, and is reached by Highway 70 San Luis, Ciudad Valles, covering 125 kilometers, starting from the state capital, and approximately 10 kilometers, starting from the municipality of Rio Green.

The Crescent Lake is a protected nature reserve where you can camp, scuba diving, mountain biking and observing the flora and fauna, among other activities.

As its name implies, is a half moon in the clear water that emanates from birth, is populated by a great diversity of wildlife, fish of different varieties of freshwater turtles and the odd duck diver.

The water temperature fluctuates between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius, and springs from six births of different depths, which keep the shape of an inverted volcano.

The depths of these births has a depth of 36 meters, combined with the visibility of the waters, makes the Media Luna, the perfect place to practice diving, even for those who want to learn or are being initiated

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