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san cristóbal nexquipayac

St. Kitts nexquipayac

Due to the importance of religion, during various religious festivals are celebrated with popular participation and religious associations, as well as parties trascedendental Candlemas Day, Easter, Corpus Christi on Thursday, 1 and 2November, 12, 24, 25 and 31 December.

Finally we must add the parties that each town celebrates the patron saint, in the case of the latter there is a stewardship for the celebration as well as a prosecutor advises that sometimes has 20 or more years of service.

July 25, San Cristóbal Nexquipayac.

From 24 to 26 July. Celebration in honor of the Patron Saint of Nexquipayac. It is one of the biggest parties of this community, which is done through the cooperation of the people and volunteers who are supported by the stewards

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