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casa del indio fernandez, coyoacán , mexico city

casa del indio fernandez

House closed to the public. It has two entrances.

This is a hacienda-style house with an impressive stone facade almost volcanic shields inside. It is located on the corner of Olivia Dulce, situated in the delegation Coyoacan in southern Mexico City.


The construction of the house of 'Indian' lasted about 20 years and was designed by Mexican architect, a friend of Emilio 'El Indio Fernández', Manuel Parra. In this house lived the legendary film director until the day of his death on August 6, 1986

Casa de Emilio el Indio Fernandez:

We will see an imposing fortress built by the Mexican architect Manuel Parra, for his friend, the legendary film director, Emilio El Indio Fernández. Its construction began in the early 50's and 25 years later concluded.
The daughters of both leads us through time and memory saved by sharing the memories of this imposing house.

Legendary Coyoacan neighborhood is located south of Mexico City and retains a colonial architectural style that resembles a small oasis of calm amid the tumult and bustle of the big city. Coyoacán concentrates the most diverse cultural and artistic expressions in the city, every weekend can be found in their seats a musical, literary, theatrical, etc.

Sweet Olive No. 1 esq. with Zaragoza Barrio de Sta Catarina

Its construction took about 20 years and was designed by architect Manuel Parra. It is a colonial style mansion with an impressive facade built with volcanic rock. Mexican filmmaker Emilio "Indio" Fernandez lived there for much of his life and died there in 1986.

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