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Echo Park Cuernavaca .-Urban State Park and Natural Area Protected

Echo Park cuernavaca

Urban State Park and Natural Area Protected

Has spaces as the museum environment, the habitat of spider monkeys, an aviary, environmental education workshops, video screening rooms and teaching scientific diffusion, water observatory, train routes, trail runners, as well as appropriate scenarios spread culture through dance, dance, drama, outdoor shows and others.The lake is reborn with a new face that emerges with a stunning central fountain.

Ecological Chapultepec Park, has more than 11 hectares of land, with a linear path over a mile, a tributary of the source is comparable with the daily consumption of drinking water in the city of Cuernavaca, living inside trees more than 250 years, most notably cypresses, figs, guavas, poma roses and other species.

This park is located in the heart of Cuernavaca, in the heart of the state and in the heart of Mexico.

Prices are popular for adults is 20 pesos and children 10 pesos, the attractions inside, also are affordable, the train ride 10 pesos, my uncle's cabin 10 pesos, 10 pesos planetarium, the spectacle of 10 pesos macaws, all other attractions are included in the entry.


Bajada de Chapultepec No. 27 (reference: Glorieta La Luna)
Col. Chapultepec, Cuernavaca, Morelos
Tels: (777) 1000589 and 10005990 Ext. 111

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