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Chenalho, Chiapas

Chenalho, Chiapas

Located on the edge of the Central Highlands and Northern Mountains, dominated thecharacteristic of this mountainous area. Its geographical coordinates are 16 ° 53 'Nand 92 º 38' W, altitude is 1,500 m.
The climate is temperate humid with abundant rainfall throughout the year, these conditions of temperature a little warmer to the north. In the municipal register an average annual temperature of 18.4 ° C

Chenalhó is located in central Chiapas, in the heart of the Los Altos, and borders thenorth Chalchihuitán, Aldama the west, south and Mitontic Chamula and east and SanJuan Pantelhó Cancuc and Tenejapa southeast. Its territorial extension is 113 km ².

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