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The Chichonal-also called Chichon volcano, located in the northwestern state of Chiapas,

the Chichonal

The Chichonal-also called Chichon volcano, is a laminate of 1 060 m high and is located in the northwestern state of Chiapas, a mountainous region that includes the municipalities of León and Chapultenango Francisco.

within the Yucatan Peninsula to reach the province of Tabasco. In Villahermosa, in themorning, we visited the Parque-Museo La Venta, where the famous Olmec heads.After lunch we take the tickets to go to Pichucalco, a town close to the volcanoChiconal. We arrived at night and look Pichucalco-logical. There we met Mark, a young man who lived in and knew Chaputenango access to the volcano.

From the city of Villahermosa take the federal highway. 195 with the direction ofTuxtla Gutierrez. On the way Teapa find locations, and Ixtacomitán Pichucalco. In thelatter, follow the detour to Chapultenango (22 km) to reach the colony Volcano TheChichonal (7 km). From this point you will walk 5 kilometers to reach the volcano.

The Hidden Beauty Chichonal volcano in northern Chiapas, Mexico. Greetings to thetravelers of this site. Here I show a reason for that visit many of Chiapas, this is not aplace that is in itineraries or bookings, but it is something of adventure tourism whichshows the greatness of nature.

reaches a height of 1 205 meters above sea level. Because of its last eruption in 1982 killed more than 2000 inhabitants, living in surrounding villages. During thiseruption formed a crater too wide, which later filled with water. The boiler is a type oflake, shallow and bitter. The color of green or blue-green water. This color is causedby various minerals dissolved in the sour water. The cloud from the eruption of ElChichon remained until 1985.

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