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tzintzuntzan ,michoacán

Tzintzuntzan (in Purépecha Ts'intsuntsani 'Place of the Hummingbirds' because theword is a onamatopeya that mimics the sound of hummingbirds during the colonial period was also called Citzutza) is an archaeological site located in the MesetaPurépecha in central northern Mexican state of Michoacan. Its name comes from the Purépecha tz'intzuni = hummingbird, and means place of the hummingbirds.

The visitor can also see a Franciscan convent chapel open to the sixteenth century,the court has olive trees that were reportedly planted by Basque Don Quiroga. The picturesque outdoor market is going to fall in love with tule crafts, straw and mud, andembroideries that depict landscapes, festivals and traditional celebrations in the region.

The great legacy of Don Basque Quiroga, is reflected in the variety of skills learned by the different peoples of the Purépecha community, a legacy that lasts far with avariety of crafts that have made Michoacan major craft centers America.

This archaeological site is located approximately 100 km from Morelia, Michoacan.To reach the site take the federal highway. 15 bound for Guadalajara, Jalisco. In the village of Quiroga follows the deviation due to Patzcuaro Tzintzuntzan it goes through,and out of town is the road to the site.

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