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Tonalá Chiapas

Monuments and places of interest:
The main attractions are colonial, including the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, theregional museum and also has great potential for archaeological sites and old churchwhich has more than 70 temples ceremonial mostly hidden by weed, the archaeological site of Orcon and sleeves.

There are very important for the tourist beaches such as Chiapas Puerto Arista, whichhas a length of 23 kilometers of beach and the beach of Boca from heaven with living sea with waves and no waves.


Local Holidays:

The main festival is the town's patron, Saint Francis of Assisi, held from September 24 to October 8, in addition to national holidays in September, decembrinas, and theIsthmus Regional Fair - Costa, bringing together the municipalities of Region:Arriaga, Tonala, and Mapastepec Pijijiapan.

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