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topolobampo, port "utopia port"

The port connects the region with other states in northern Mexico by the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico, whose passenger terminal is located in nearby Los Mochis.The port is also the ferry terminal linking northern Sinaloa, La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur.

Topolobampo was the site of the first colony founded by utopian socialists came to the United States (1884-1894). It is also the place where the first carrier battle develops in Topolobampo and the world in 1914.
So come all sects derived from Protestantism to Catholicism arrived Irish, also came freethinkers groups disciples of encyclopedists, the utopians and other reformers.

It was then that began the first trials of socialismoutópico, such as the New Harmony community of Robert Owen (1826); Cabet Icaria Etienne (1848) and John Humphrey Noyes's Oneida (1840). Also emerged movimientode religious content called Social Gospel Social Gospel Christian or that "proposed the establishment of communities or associations are practiced in the brotherhood of man, love competenciay rather than rivalry, mutual aid and cooperation rather the struggle for existence ...; intended to flee to more remote locations in large cities where problemasaparecían brutally stark, to organize a Christian life in keeping with the patriarchal model "(Gill 1982)

Utopian movement seeking the solution to social problems in the phalanstery *, in isolation, in the escape and refuge in the desert, while advocated materialistic struggle to face reality and to capitalism in the factories of large cities .

The triumph of the north over the south in the U.S. Civil War was the triumph of capitalism over feudalism.

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