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temozón , mérida

The people of Temozón since its founding Valladolid belonged to the party and remained so until 1915, when, by decree of the State Congress becomes head of the municipality of the same name, separated permanently from Valladolid.

MERIDA,  45 km. (40 min.) Merida International Airport.
On the outskirts of Merida International Airport take the road towards Cancun, walk 2 km. head towards Chetumal Campeche, 10 km then turn left towards Uxmal, Chetumal. To pass through the village and Yaxcopoil Xtepen. 4 km later you will see the marking of the Hacienda Temozon, some palm trees on the left side of the road will indicate the entrance, walk 8 km Temozón gap and reach.
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Temozón South is a small town in the Mexican state of Yucatan, located in the municipality of Abalá, 35 km south of state capital, Merida.

Access to South Temozón carried out by the Federal Highway 261 which connects it to Uman and Merida in the north and Uxmal, also communicates with the state of Campeche to the south, and several state highways, is a popular tourist destination , primarily as the place where the Hacienda Temozon Sur, a former estate of the Spanish colonial era, which has been refurbished and fitted out as an exclusive hotel.

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