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teotitlán del valle oaxaca, The textile tradition stands as the main activity in this community

Teotitlán or Teocaltitlán, Nahuatl language means "Land of Gods", its etymology is described as: Teotl, "God," Calli, "home ", and Title, "enter" (which also can have theconnotation of "between the house of God "). Zapotec Xaguixe called, meaning the foot of Mt.

The textile tradition stands as the main activity in this community. Here history is woven in beautiful wool rugs dyed with natural dyes such as cochineal. The plot of herrugs is of vivid colors and designs ranging from pre-Hispanic motifs to reproductionsof famous painters such as Picasso, Miro, Matisse, Diego Rivera and RufinoTamayo.

Teotitlán Valley: Located east of Oaxaca City and 28 miles, via highway 190 to theIsthmus. Turn left at km. 27. Approximate time: 0:30 minutes

If you travel by public transport, take bus line address "Star Valley North. " Anotheroption is to board a jeepney to Tlacolula and get off at the turnoff to Teotitlán, just there one second can be addressed by collective taxi that takes you to the town

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