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San Pedro Martir National Park comprises wooded lot located within the mountainous Sierra de San Pedro Martir

The San Pedro Martir National Park comprises wooded lot located within the mountainous Sierra de San Pedro Martir. This is one of the few tracts of mountain forest is located in the Baja California Peninsula. It has a variety of conifer species and serves as an important refuge for wildlife on the peninsula whose species, some endemic can see bighorn sheep.
Located in the central Mexican state of Baja California, whose area corresponds to the municipality of Ensenada. The area was explored for the first time to 1701 by the expeditions undertaken by Eusebio Francisco Kino, but the Dominican order who founded the first mission in place.

Located 150 kilometers southeast of the city of Ensenada and 200 km south of Mexicali, the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, besides being a solid granite of great beauty, plays an important role in the ecological balance and climate of the region. In the park you can engage in camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking on trails and lookouts, wildlife watching, and visit the National Astronomical Observatory. The average commute time from Ensenada is four hours. No public transportation, so the journey should be by private car.

This mountain mass, the largest of the northern peninsula of Baja California, has its highest point in the Picacho del Diablo, with 3.096 meters over sea level. Another feature is its dual nationality, and born in the southern United States, Ventura County, near the city of Los Angeles, California, which has its starting point at Mount San Jacinto, near Palm Springs, to continue along the peninsula to San Simon Creek, located in San Quentin, a town of Ensenada, Baja California.
What to do in National Park Sierra San Pedro Martir
The Altar, situated at an altitude of 2.880 m. From there you can see the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of California. Devil's Peak, located at an altitude of over 3000 m. This is the highest point in the entire Baja California peninsula. Astronomical Observatiorio, the second most important in Latin America.
Contacting the Centre PO Box 877 22800 Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico Phone: (646) 174-4580, 174-4548, 174-4593

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