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kohunlinch, mayan ceremonial center

Kohunlich is the name of a city and Mayan ceremonial center, located about 65 kilometers from Chetumal, Quintana Roo, in the Rio Bec region, near the border between Mexico and Belize.

Archaeological information available suggests that Kohunlich received its first  habitants around the year 200 AD, although most of the most significant buildings were developed between the years 250 and 600 AD Kohunlich can also be assumed to represent a focal point of trade between the cities of the Yucatan Peninsula and Mayan cities in Central America.

Kohunlich site is relatively large, about 21 acres surrounded by tropical forest. The layout of the buildings and the remnants of water pipes and tanks suggests that Kohunlich was an important city at the time. In this site are about 200 mounds, although many still remain inexcavados and invaded by the vegetation still

Address and access roads, is located 69 miles west of the city of Chetumal, capital of the state. The site is accessed via U.S. Highway 186 Chetumal - Escárcega; to get to mile 60, which corresponds to the town of Francisco Villa, should be the deviation of 9 km that leads directly to the site.

Main structures: Principal structures: the site consists of a series of ceremonial architectural and residential character, some of which may have functioned as family neighborhoods or high-level groupings. Currently, the tour begins in the residential complex associated with the Acropolis, which shows an interesting set of residential buildings equipped with benches, niches and various items associated with everyday life.

Although recent findings in the Joint Ya'axná have changed the idea that until recently was available about the early occupation of Kohunlich must be said that the building of greater importance is symbolic and ritual, of course, the Temple of the Masks , which was discussed above, within the group of high-level structures should also be included to those of the Stela Plaza (the Palace of the Stones, the grandstand and the King), within which were possibly carried to public or administrative activities. The Acropolis, one of the great sets of the site, also belongs to high-end residential buildings.

Building A-1 or masks is one of the most popular because it has monumental stucco reliefs still retain the red paint that covered the entire temple. It is likely that this building was built during the Early Classic period and has more to do with the style known as Petén.

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