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cenote ik il, yucatán state

ik kil

Under the limestone soil of the Yucatan caves and channels are formed 15,000 yearsago during the last ice age. Subsequently, the sea level rose and flooded part ofthese channels, which are also fed by seepage of rainwater. As a result, here weextend some of the largest underground river systems in the world long and complex.The window to this dimension are the famous cenotes, water tanks with a roof tocollapse will rise to the surface.

Cenote Ik kil or Sacred Cenote Azul
Cenote enormous depth of 26 meters surrounded by lush vegetation and waterfalls.Has been fitted with steps to descend to the level of the water and swimming.

Located between Valladolid and Chichen Itza. There are bungalows for the night and restaurant service.
Mon - Fri 8 - 18 hrs

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