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el quemado, san luis potosí

the village of Cerro Quemado is located in the Municipality of Xilitla (in
the State of San Luis Potosi). It has 36 inhabitants. Cerro Quemado is
900 meters high.

The road to the top is not so defined, follow the instinct
and the signals indicating hardiness. After a few turns bizarre
the road and looks into the distance. Holds a lot of walking. Already within

Still kicking, it seems that the way to lengthen, but you know that up
is your goal. So you still enjoying it. A sign with a thought
Huichol stops you, makes you think and reminds you that this is more than
a walk is a challenge, a ritual, a meeting with yourself.

The silence of the vast nature fills you, the sound of birds
you happy and you wind up oxygen.

We reached the top. Three concentric circles made of stone
Mountain acclimate the place chosen by the Huichol. In the center is
offerings, candles, ribbons, tissue, water bottles, crafts
Huichol and ashes of the last and each ceremony is here
made over the years. Some are small ceremonial center
circles of stones with the ashes of fires, part of the ritual.

From up here I get to see everything to the four cardinal points. The
palms yucca, agaves and herbs beautify the landscape
with an intense shade of green.

In this place together many religions, or better yet, philosophies
life. There is a special energy. Above all, much peace. Will this
is it? To learn to live together in our differences and through its
respect, do live in peace?

Wirikuta is sacred, no doubt about it. For centuries they have come here
Huichol pilgrimage of those who have walked 80 km through
nature. It seems that they did or do three times a year, the first
effort is to ask, to say the second and the third for
thanks. In the ceremonial achieve their encounter with the gods,
purify his soul, pays tribute to Mother Earth, everything has its essence
the fertility of the land for their livelihood.

I do not know why they call the Cerro del Quemado if this place the soul

el quemado air view!!!

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