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cerro del estribo, michoacán

miles north of downtown Patzcuaro Hill found "el cerro del estribo", a natural vantage point from which you can see a panoramic view of the area consists of Lake Patzcuaro and itsislands surrounded by green fields.

Here stands the Chapel of El Calvario, which, presumably, was built on the remains of a yácata (name given to the circular-based pyramid, common in the region) whichhoused the tomb of King Tariácuri.

This site, part of the famous annual Silent Procession at Easter.

Hang gliding and paragliding

Morelia has a great diversity of landscapes and areas you need to know is why we flyin these skies becomes an extraordinary adventure, practice gliding and paragliding inMorelia during their days of estancia.Cerro The Clip, a hill Patzcuaro is located in one of the most traditional towns of Michoacán, in the center of the state about 64 milesfrom Morelia.

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