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batopilas, Sierra tarahumara, chihuahua

Batopilas (Tarahumara Language: River boxed)? is a town in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, located in the Sierra Madre Occidental at the bottom of a ravine. Its population in 2005 is 1 210 people and is head of the town of Batopilas.

the town of Batopilas is located in the town of Batopilas (in the State of Chihuahua). It has 1210 inhabitants. Batopilas is at 570 meters.
Batopilas is at the bottom of a canyon and along the Rio Batopilas, a small colonial town is formed by three streets, to reach the population there is a single dirt road down the canyon, the trip to Batopilas to Creel, the main Sierra Resort is 5 hours.

A 8 miles from Batopilas, following the course of the river is the old Mission Satevo, one of the best preserved colonial buildings in the region.

Some of the best views around Batopilas is located in Yerba anise and Cerro Colorado, small villages high in the tables on the city. The Road to Yerba aniseed trail begins across from the Hacienda San Miguel, but still sharply down the barrel past the turnoff to the mine Peñasquito. This is a favorite hike naturalists, because birds and wildflowers are abundant. Cerro Colorado is a small mining community is approximately 5 hours. walk from Batopilas. Some hikers include the rise of Cerro Colorado on a journey of several days of Urique or the shed. The trail begins in the northern town of Las Juntas just beyond the barrier of age. A road follows the Arroyo recently graduated Cerro Colorado for about 2 hours. before the trail ascends steeply through forests of oak. The small village of Cerro Colorado is on the table in the shade of the mountain of the same name. Cerro Colorado, there are several trails to the town of Urique. The most direct passes and then Yesca Urique. A longer route follows the ridge between the Batopilas and Urique Canyons before dipping into the Urique Canyon, where you take the path along the river north of Urique. These multi-day hikes should only be attempted with the help of an experienced guide.

The best time to go:
Exploring the Batopilas Canyon is best during the dry season, the coldest months of November to April. May is already quite hot and summer bring rain and moisture.When planning a trip, remember that the tire can be very cold from December to February.

Getting There:
Batopilas is more popularly accessible from Creel along a road that is paved until you reach Guachochi. In Samachique, about 44 miles (70 kms) from Creel, road signs indicating the turnoff to Batopilas. It is a dirt road that passes through Kirare before descending through the canyon to follow the river to the town of Batopilas 34 miles (55 kms.) Away.

Buses depart from Creel to Batopilas on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and return on Wednesdays, Fridays and Mondays. Hotels in Creel maintain current bus information and can also arrange for private transportation, which may be more convenient

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