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barra del cruz 1hr south from huatulco

barra del cruz

1hr huatulco to the south is barra de la cruz, incredible waves for surfing!
waves classified as first world-class 1
perfect, long, hollow wave to sections, Czech best videos!

To go to Barra de la Cruz must travel this road for about 25 Km and get a signal, turn right onto a concrete runway shortly after becomes a dirt track. Pass through a village about 70 yards before exiting, turn right. Walk about 300 meters more to the left is a hut where you charge you $ 20 pesos per person. I do not know what to pay for access. I guess the track crosses private pasture or something. Between the cottage and the beach collecting mile. Ends the track in a parking area about 300 meters from mar.de most outstanding sites for surfing and is undoubtedly the famous beaches of Barra de la Cruz and only a few steps from Huatulco. A few years ago it perfect right wave was kept secret though is just 25 kilometers from the Bays. The community itself looks like a piece of paradise in itself with its palms, banana, lemon and papaya. Right in the middle of the village is a pond where the community benefits from breeding freshwater fish.

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