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matamoros is located in northeast Mexico, in Tamaulipas state on the border with Texas


is located in northeast Mexico, in Tamaulipas state on the border with Texas, United States along the Rio Grande near the Gulf of Mexico. Matamoros is 10 meters above sea level and is located at the coordinates latitude 25 º 52 'longitude 97 º 30'. In general the city land is flat and is covered with marshes and lagoons mostly dried (which reappear with some regularity in time of heavy rains, causing flooding in residential areas). The most famous of these streams is the Laguito, with the monuments to the Niños Héroes and Marina.

Matamoros belongs to the Rio Grande watershed, which through an irrigation system and makes the earth fertile irrigated agriculture possible, one of the fundamentals of the economy of the region
The current area of Matamoros, and in general the Rio Grande Valley were historically occupied by towns Coahuilteco family were exterminated by the conquest and colonization of Arid America by imperial and colonial governments in Mexico.
Thirteen families, twelve of Camargo and Reynosa, who were founded in 1774 "San Juan de los Esteros Beautiful" (now Matamoros). These families managed the deed of 113 sites of cattle. As part of the plan to colonize the region then Nuevo Santander in 1793 and Manuel Francisco Pueyes Julio Silva, Franciscan missionaries arrived in the square and moved about two blocks south of its original place. Founded the parish and named the place as the Congregation of Our Lady of Refuge, and to establish a mission for the Indians. In 1793 changed its name to Villa del Refugio in honor of Nuestra Señora del Refugio de los Esteros.
Large city proudly Mexican, currently owned in the state of Tamaulipas, where I have the privilege of living, it is noteworthy that Matamoros border Bronswille, TX

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