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surf at playa azul, michoacan

It has nice weather and variety of cuisine, based mainly on seafood, an example of this is found in the exquisite stuffed fish, the fish fillet will add shrimp, octopus and a special sauce made the mortar, bending, fried and taste. Eating like this and other delicacies are eaten happily under the shadow of the booths (huts) that there is a short distance from the sea, refreshing the palate with a juicy coconut and watching the shimmering sea.

One of the main activities is the annual event known as "October ... month of the Sea Turtle ", which aims to promote environmental awareness, releasing more than 5,000 babies. The event aims to rescue traditions as the "dance of floorboards, which shows the music, dances and traditional dress. In addition there are four camps that work from June to December, for the conservation of sea turtles.

SERVICES: Hotels and Restaurants (Economic, Tourist and First.)

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