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paradise beach, colima

This beach, located only a hundred meters from the town of Paradise and 7 miles from Armory, is narrow, moderate swell, due to its location at sea, is perfect to practice some water sports like surfing and windsurfing. This beach has a fine dark sand, a product of volcanic material carried by the river Armory.

For its part, the people of Paradise is at the southern end of Estero Palo Verde, right on the north bank of the river mouth, where there was an indigenous people called Tecpan, who were producers of salt until the sixteenth century.

From the Armory River bridge to the southeast, the landscape becomes a sea of coconut palms which stretches to the horizon.

A beach along the Paradise there are numerous booths offering typical dishes like ground beef for sailfish, saw or simply, "comes alive", clams and snails. Also common are carved coconut copra, mimicking cartoon animals and a range of products made with snails and shells.

Paradise on the beach are hotels, souvenir shops and palapas where you can sample delicious dishes made with fresh seafood. It is, in short, an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun shines most of the year.

Around the village green admire a heavenly stream that you can go by boat, you will appreciate its lush mangroves carefully and a variety of colorful fish and birds.


Colima's beaches are excellent places for both recreation and rest, and for water sports. Some beaches have great reputation for surfing, even tournaments have been conducted worldwide on the beach of Boca Easter, Tecomán. The beaches in this region (unique in Mexico) are characterized by black volcanic sand, and palapa umbrellas, where you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood.

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It provides rental services and tours in kayaking, either at sea or in some gaps. It can be for anyone looking for something quiet and beautiful landscapes, and for those who seek an adventure, a little spicier such as rowing about crocodiles ... Colima has destinations for kayaking in Manzanillo, Carrizalillo lagoon, Laguna Maria, Sentinels, Christmas Island, etc..

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