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The National Park Lagunas de Montebello "is located in the southeastern state of Chiapas

The National Park Lagunas de Montebello "is located in the southeastern state of Chiapas, on the borders with Guatemala, covering the towns of Independence and The Trinity, Chiapas. It is 1 hour of Comitan City, 3 hours from San Cristobal de las Casas and 4 hours from Tuxtla Gutierrez.

To reach out gaps in Montebello transportation committees in the line-Montebello Comitán the 2nd. Avenida Sur Pte. Choose your destination well (to which lake you want to go).

The park's altitude ranges from 1 270 m in Dos Lagunas, amounts to 1 750 on the tops of the mountains, and down again to 1 550 m in the plateau. It was declared a National Park in November 1959 with an area of 6.022 hectares.


Located at the northeastern edge of the plateau Comiteca. Access is possible through the southern border highway. The Park has 59 lakes of varying sizes. Among the most important are: Laguna de San Lorenzo, San José, Forest Blue, Enchanted, Dream, Emerald, Water Ink, Montebello, Cinco Lagunas, Pojoj and Tziscao.

The area is composed of Cretaceous limestone karst. The landscape is dominated by mountains folded lateral and vertical faults and caves, cellars, caves and sinkholes caused by dissolution of carbonates. The gaps correspond to large sinkholes whose roof collapsed in the presence of underground streams. Other evidence of such erosion events can be seen in the river basins in an impressive natural arch.

Ecotourism (Activities, Volunteering, Operators and Accommodation)

The colors of the lakes, green and blue, are a major attraction for tourism, you can also visit the caves of San Rafael the Arch, although small, ancient formations of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as the underground river is fascinating .

The activities that one can do in this beautiful park are horseback riding in Lake Forest and Montebello Blue, visit the lakes on rafts in Pojoj and the Five Lakes, camping at Bosque Azul, and cycling on the roads that take you to the lakes.

If you want to visit the caves go to the Laguna Azul Forest until the end of the paved road, where he is called the "Paso del Soldado" where one can eat, rent horses and walk to the caves either alone or with a guide. We were guided and led us to a couple of caves in which a passing river.

There are guidelines, approved by the Park administration (these are inside the area) who can be hired for hiking trails and receive a detailed explanation of the place.

Cabins: 500 m from the turnoff to Chinkultic Trinity on the road to Lagos de Montebello exist Cabañas Doña Maria and her restaurant "The Orchid." Ask for directions, everyone knows the place. You can rent a cottage, the food is good, the bathrooms are clean and the atmosphere is very nice.

Hostel: In the village next to the Laguna Tziscao you can stay in the hostel with small rooms, cabins and camping area. It has cabins for lodging and typical food stalls.

Camping: You can camp in the Laguna Bosque Azul.

National Park entrance fee is $ 10.00 pesos per person per day (under 6 and over 60 years are free), Park hours are 8:00 to 17:00 and the best time to visit February is (with the exception of Easter) to July.

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