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Tijuana, thriving town on the northern border of Mexico,

Tijuana, thriving town on the northern border of Mexico, is located on the northwest tip of the Baja California Peninsula, 189 km west of Mexicali and 29 miles south of San Diego, California in the United States. Its climate is warm with an average temperature of 21 ° C.

City, a meeting place of modern art, culture and history, is home to countless artistic and gastronomic festivals that fill the streets of vitality, such as the International Dance Show, which brings together figures of dance, song and music .

To enjoy the adventure on the outskirts of the city are more populated areas of vegetation such as the Laguna Salada and Guadalupe Canyon where you can go camping. Sports enthusiasts and thrills will enjoy the unique facilities such as golf clubs Real del Mar Golf Resort and horse racing and greyhound racing are presented in the traditional and Agua Caliente Greyhound Racetrack. For relaxation, there is no choice but to accept the invitation to visit the formidable sophisticated facilities of its spas and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

To enjoy the night Tijuana offers a host of clubs, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the taste exotic dishes like lobster Puerto Nuevo, accompanied by an exquisite wine from the region of Valle de Guadalupe.

On the outskirts of Tijuana, there are two archaeological sites of special interest because of the presence of paintings.

The Vallecito. It is located in Tecate, 72 miles east of Tijuana by the federal highway. 2. Here we see examples of cave paintings that represent human figures and animals, among which are rooted Man, The Devil and The Shark. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Macahuí. It is located 154 km east of Tijuana by the federal highway. 2. In this place, located in a desert area will see a series of drawings of geometric and anthropomorphic shapes, similar to the Nazca region of Peru.

Contemporary Architecture

In Tijuana you can see examples of modern architecture which also reveals the multifaceted aspect of this city.

Tijuana Cultural Center. It is located at Av. Paseo de los Héroes and Av. Francisco Javier Mina s / n, Zona Urbana Río. This is a set of institutions dedicated to promoting art and culture, has designed a vision system as a leading architectural, either because the buildings are so new, as the field of planetary use the Omnimax film format the latest technology to attract people

Arco / Monumental Clock. It is located at Av. Revolution s / n. This monument represents the gateway to Tijuana and is considered an architectural icon in avant-garde

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