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Raúl Mora Casa Mora

Raúl Mora born in Mexico City where he spent most of his life, from 1999 decided to leave the frenetic activity from Mexico city to become involved in magic Malinalco, state of Mexico. His interest in painting began in childhood where professors as José Grachene Bardasano influenced his early work. For several years he was part of the study of Lolo Bar and worked with materials techniques Luis Nishizawa. Subsequently developed a very personal style and technique texture and color party are part of his artistic stamp. He has held 21 solo exhibitions in Mexico, Germany and the U.S. in museums, galleries and many other places of no less importance, superior sponsored cultural organizations (Conaculta - National Council for Culture and the Arts, National Endowment for Culture and Arts - National Fund for Culture and the Arts, INBA - Institute of Fine Arts, the Institute of Culture of Tabasco - Institute of Culture of the State of Tabasco, Mexican Institute of Culture - Cultural Institute of the State of Mexico) and El Paso Arts Resources Department of El Paso, Texas, and Schloss Liebenstein, in Stuttgart, Germany. For many years his art has been part of over 60 exhibitions in the most important forums Mexico City, including the Museo Rufino Tamayo, as well as in several cities throughout Mexico as well as in countries like the U.S., Sweden , Spain, France and Switzerland. In December 2000 she participated in the "Latino Internazionale degli Artisti Vetrina Americani" in Florence, Italy, where he won the "Premio Italia per L'Arte 'award. Numerous publications have referred to his work of art, among which are several editions of international auctions in Paris, Art Sales Index, London, Directory of Plastic Arts, Mexico, 1999 Art Calendar, published by the City of El Paso Arts Resources Department and magazines like hello, Presence Madrid, Mexico 1994 World Executive Fall Music of Mexico, the International Art Day Buenos Aires, and the books of Mexican art in Europe (2003) and a hammer price Art 1977-1995, and World of Art 2000, published in Sweden in December 1999 Jealous of his work and intensely passionate about the same, Raul invites you to visit and stay at his CASA where you have all the amenities, the place is a nice Casona with pool and large garden seating areas where the detail is masterpiece in every corner, every room is an exposition of permanent dreams come and appreciate his work, which is quite extensive, began distinguished by a figurative work, then went into the abstract world of color, where shape and textures embodying unforgettable Throughout his canvases ... If you enjoy good art and not settle for just appreciate , try living between the environment of the artist and his paintings. Casa Mora and permanent dream is the best option in Malinalco. Come relax and consider installing between the lines of color and texture. This is part of his solo work ... 2012 CULTURE HOUSE IN TLALPAN UAEMex - University of the State - MEXICO CITY, MEXICO 2012 GOLF CLUB MALINALCO - MALINALCO, EDO. MEXICO. UNIVERSITY MUSEUM DR 2011. Luis Mario Schneider, University of the State OF MEXICO-MALINALCO, MEXICO.2001 VISIONS'PATH GALLERY - FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA.2001 GALLERY S. Menache - MEXICO. DF, La Llorona MEXICO.2001 ART GALLERY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA.2000 Centennial Museum, EL PASO TEXAS ART GALLERY La Llorona USA.1999 .... Over Malinalco http://ecoturismo.realmexico.info/search/label/malinalco Article Casa Mora http://hostales.realmexico.info/2013/02/casa-mora-malinalco.html To learn more visit Raul Mora .... http://innology.mx/raulmora/acerca Here are some pieces made between September 2009 - February 2013 Click on image to enlarge.

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